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How we've recruited three Rust developers for IT company

Rust developers are exotic in the Russian IT market. The number of specialists using this programming language can be counted on one hand. The Lucky Hunter IT recruiter Maria Reiimbaeva is telling you how she's managed to fill the job openings quickly.
The task and its difficulties
An IT company from Saint-Petersburg asked the Lucky Hunter team to find several Rust developers. The main demand the customer put forward to the candidate was knowledge of Rust at least at a basic level.
The operating conditions offered by the company weren't competitive:
The salary was below the market average.
There were no standard, self-evident IT perks.
It was necessary to complete the test assignment.
The customer couldn't offer candidates remote work.
Don't forget about the main difficulty - an acute shortage of Rust specialists in Russia. It is believed behind-the-scenes that only two teams in Russia use Rust, one of them is our customer.
Note: not so long ago, the Lucky Hunter team conducted a small study of rare programming languages, among which was Rust.
How we've filled the job opening
After we discussed the terms and requirements for the candidates, I started searching for experienced Rust developers. However, most of experienced Rust developers work for foreign IT companies and receive high salaries in foreign currency. In addition, they work remotely. Recruiting such specialists for the project was an overwhelming task.

There were two ways to deal with the problem: either significantly increase the salary of candidates, or lower sights and search for developers without experience. After our communication, the team leader decided to consider candidates without experience and to train them independently because he realized that there are really few developers knowing Rust and they are very expensive.
So I started searching for specialists who had no Rust development experience but had a good background in developing high-performance applications in C, C ++, Haskell or Erlang. I received a high response among the candidates. The guys were ready to prove themselves and passed the test assignment from the customer.
The assignment introduced the guys to Rust and made it possible to understand whether they were ready to develop in this direction or not. The task the candidates had to manage was taken from the project itself. Candidates directly understood what they had to deal with. It took four hours to manage the task.
I processed more than 100 CVs of specialists and conducted 30 interviews with candidates. It took a month to fill each job opening. I managed to find three specialists for the company. I filled all the job positions myself. For clarity, showing you statistics from the CRM system:
What is the reason for success?
There are several reasons why I've filled the job opening successfully:
Firstly, it is well-coordinated work with the customer and an adequate approach to the job opening filling.
A recipe for success:
Our client:
  • didn't make demands on candidates;
    asked the candidates to complete a small test assignment( it took only four hours to complete it);
  • was ready to train specialists individually, as he understood that it was very difficult to find experienced Rust developers;
  • gave quick feedback on each candidate;
  • gave a detailed comment and explained why one or another specialist wasn't relevant. It was easier to understand who the company specifically needed;
  • perfectly motivated candidates. After the interview with team lead, the guys were inspired and fascinated by the project.
Secondly, Rust turned out to be very attractive in the IT environment. Many IT professionals dream of learning this programming language, so they are ready to accept less competitive conditions for the skills development.

The case proves that there are no impossible tasks. You need a great desire and perseverance of both a recruiter and a client. Mutual work on filling the job opening, a zero-tolerance approach to task management and the ability to motivate candidates will definitely lead to success.
If you need to fill any IT job opening, contact the Lucky Hunter team. We know where rare specialists hide and how to motivate them properly. We will be glad to help you!


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