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GameDev: Industry Features, Professions, Hiring
in 2021

We at Lucky Hunter fill many IT vacancies: from Backend and Frontend developers to QA, Analysts, Product and Project managers. However, the tech world is not limited to development and IT specialities in the conventional sense.

The IT sphere is much wider and more diverse than it might seem at first glance. One of its directions - the GameDev industry is a good example of this.

What do you know about GameDev? What professions are there in the industry? What with the demand for professionals in 2021? Discussing the issues in our new article.
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Professions in GameDev: Overview

We are sure that each of you has played a computer game at least once. The plot, the music, the characters, the dialogues, the textures: everything must be thought out to the last detail so that users can play with pleasure.
To create a computer game, it's not usually enough to have several developers and a few artists in a team. In terms of scale, budgets and staff involved, the GameDev industry is highly competitive with Hollywood movies.
Let's say even more: like moviemaking, GameDev has producers, designers, animators, artists, screenwriters, sound engineers. This is a separate world, behind which a whole set of specialities lies. Who is working on making games?

Game producer

  • Every game needs a Producer as the commercial success of the product depends on this specialist. The producer controls spending, works with budgets, manages the development team and graphics, creates reports, hires employees, is responsible for public relations.
The producer's job is to create a commercially successful product, and this is one of the most demanded professions in the GemDev industry today.

Game designer

  • Contrary to popular belief, a Game designer doesn't "draw" games. If we draw an analogy with moviemaking, a Game designer is a director.

    The Game designer has the responsibility to create the entire game, from premeditation of the world and storylines to the visual design of the game.
Ideally, a Game designer has both artistic, technical and writing skills and, of course, manages a design team.
In game development, there are a large number of designers responsible for specific parts of the game (in large projects). Some specialities include game mechanics designer, level designer, UI / UX designer, character designer, etc.


  • In GameDev, artists are usually divided into 2D and 3D artists. 2D artists think over sketches of games, work with Photoshop.
  • 2D Artists can create concept art, textures, terrain images, maps.
  • 3D Artists are engaged in 3D modelling. These are characters, elements of game levels, three-dimensional environment.
In complex projects, artists often do specialized tasks. So, there is a separate texture artist, environment artist, character artist, lighting artist.
Animators can be singled out separately. These specialists create interactive animated images and environments for video games. They make characters move, jump, attack, talk, etc.


  • Most often, game development requires knowledge of such programming languages as C#, C ++, Java, as well as the cross-platform game engine - Unity. Developers' tasks at GameDev are also often divided into groups.

    There are UX / UI programmers, AI Developers, 3D engine programmers, game mechanics Programmers, game server Administrators.

Other professions in GameDev

  • Other specialists are also involved in the creation and successful implementation of the game. These are Product / Project managers, PR managers, Marketers, analysts, Business developers, QA, Scriptwriters, Sound Engineers and many other specialists.

Specifics of hiring in GameDev
in 2021

The pandemic has left an imprint on the GameDev sphere, and in many ways - from a positive perspective. If in the first half of 2020, many GameDev companies experienced a slight decline in hiring professionals (due to the need to switch to a remote work format), today, according to Lucky Hunter's experience, there is an active growth in demand for GameDev specialists.
Over the past few months, we at Lucky Hunter have noticed an increase in the number of GameDev vacancies as well as started working with several large clients from the GameDev sphere. Sometimes it seems that a good half of our new clients are game development companies :)
In 2021, we can expect an even greater demand for GameDev specialists, so when hiring specialists, your task is typical for the IT industry:
match the market by offering competitive terms;
give quick feedback;
don't hesitate to make an offer.
You'll definitely succeed, especially if you contact
Lucky Hunter :)
Keep in mind that when working with the GameDev industry, we have a strict rule: we at Lucky Hunter don't work with projects that take advantage of the users. We take care of our reputation, working only with legal schemes.
As you can see, GameDev is a whole direction in the tech world, with its own laws, specialities, features
and trends.
We at Lucky Hunter successfully fill openings for GameDev companies for over 4 years. Contact us and we will find even the rarest specialist! First candidates - within 4 days!