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How we recruited three QA Engineers for a tech company
in one month? Case

Let's assume: you work at an American technology company. Your business is actively growing: you open more and more offices, and one of them is based in St. Petersburg. Every month more than 10 million people visit your website, so you need not just one, but three experienced QA engineers in your team.

You understand how difficult it can be to assemble a team of experienced IT specialists in a short time, so you decide that the best solution is to contact a specialized IT recruitment agency.

We think you guessed it: this is exactly what the American company that opened an office in Russia managed to do. About how we successfully filled the roles of QA-Engineers - read in the article.
Daria Lysova, Lucky Hunter Lead-Recruiter


The requirements that the customer laid down for our team included the following aspects:
We needed to build a QA team from scratch: several (3-4) Middle + manual QA testers, as well as Senior QA with functions of a team leader;
Work involved office service;
The salary was slightly below the market average;
It was to be wished that the specialist preferred small companies to corporations and had no vast experience in working for globally renowned companies;
It was important for candidates to work at least two years in the previous place.


In addition to the fact that job requirements were not among the simplest ones, the task was fraught with a number of additional difficulties:
Our client couldn't offer candidates to switch to the test-automation in the future. This makes things a bit complicated because this option is one of the main advantages for the most Senior-level QA engineers.
Despite the fact that the work didn't involve remote employment, the client didn't consider candidates with relocation. Thus, we needed to search for specialists within St. Petersburg.
Our own deep conviction is that there are no tasks in recruiting that the Lucky Hunter team can't cope with, so we started working on the positions, and as a result, filled all the roles within just a month.

How we filled the job openings

To begin with, we understood, who we were searching for: it wasn't just a QA engineer with certain skills, but also a person who prefers working for small startups rather than for corporations. In addition, our ideal candidate rarely swaps jobs and loves stability.
After we'd found out who our client needed, we started searching...
To attract candidates, we figured out the most important advantages of the company. In this case, it was:

  • a high load project,
  • the ability to work on the international market;
  • a young team.
We decided to turn the lack of remote work
to an advantage: the office offered
multiple opportunities for
comfortable and efficient work.
We also understood that the project itself could compensate for a low salary range. This isn't just a story about the company. This is the ability to present the best sides of the project, to prove its usability for the user, and to highlight non-trivial and interesting tasks of a future employee.

As a result, QA engineers promptly applied for the job vacancy created by our team.

Where we searched for the candidates

In order not to miss a worthy candidate, we used all available channels for recruitment: LinkedIn, Facebook, special job boards, as well as our own candidate database, and also special services for IT recruitment.

The main channel through which we managed to fill all the positions was Telegram: a lot of developers communicate using this messenger and tend to consider the latest job advertisements.
By the way, recently the Lucky Hunter team has launched its own service for tech specialists searching - CVHub. This is a unique platform for IT recruiting: we collected the database manually, carefully checking each CV. At the moment, there are more than 100,000 CVs in the database, and this is not the limit: we fill the service with new portfolios of IT talents every day. Want to try the service for free? Leave a request on the website and very soon we'll contact you! P.S. The service is available only in Russian.

To sum up

To fill the position, we processed over 300 candidates' CVs, sent more than 160 emails and conducted 66 interviews. Five candidates who passed the initial Lucky Hunter selection process received job offers, three of which were accepted and these candidates have been successfully working for our client for more than 2 years already.

Do you remember that our customer didn't consider candidates from other cities?Despite this fact, we decided to search for specialists from other cities and, finally, found a relevant candidate. The client absolutely liked the candidate. That's why, together with the customer, we motivated the developer to accept the job offer and move to St. Petersburg, despite the absence of a relocation package.
Thus, in just a month, we found two
Mid-level QA specialists and one Senior-level QA
with team leader functions
for the customer's team.

The key to success

No test assignment
Understanding the market realities, our client decided to hire specialists without giving the test assignment. There were only two selection stages. This condition helped us process candidates more quickly. The customer could also give prompt feedback on each specialist.
Flexible approach to decision making
When working with people, we understand that flexibility is the key to success. By slightly adjusting the requirements of the customer, we were able to find a perfect specialist for the client, while the candidate found a great job in the city in which he was dreaming of moving to :)
Lucky Hunter expertise
The principle of partnership with a client, a flexible approach in dealing with tasks and high speed of staff selection - these are the distinguishing factors of Lucky Hunter which allow us to fill the most challenging roles in a matter of days.
If you are looking for an IT specialist to join your team, now you know who to contact :) Our team will find your ideal candidate in a matter of days, but, most importantly, working with us, you will find a reliable partner for many years to come!
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