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HR outsourcing: the specificity of the service, its functions and benefits

What is HR outsourcing? In what cases is it required, and what are the benefits of using the service? Telling you in the latest Lucky Hunter article
To understand the specifics of HR outsourcing services, let's see what HR (human resources) is and which duties HR specialists perform. HR specialists are engaged in all issues related to human resource management: recruitment, adaptation, training, motivation. They are responsible for the work environment at the company and much more.
Almost every company needs a human resource department. However, not every company needs it on an ongoing basis. Therefore, many organizations resort to HR outsourcing service. Any of the HR tasks can be delegated to an outsourcing company.

What is HR outsourcing?

HR outsourcing is a fairly popular service of transferring certain functions related to the search, selection, and adaptation of new employees for the execution of a third-party company. It is an excellent business tool that can relieve an unnecessary headache from the company's "shoulders".

Large companies usually delegate a few HR tasks to outsourcing companies. However, some small companies that do not need to keep their own HR department hire backup recruiters to handle all HR tasks.
HR outsourcing is required in several cases:
  • when your business is growing rapidly and the HR department can't cope with increasing workload;
  • if you have very limited time to select specialists;
  • to improve the efficiency of the company's business processes by transferring the non-key tasks to outsourcing companies;
  • if your specialists are not competent enough to work out HR issues, for example, in the selection of IT staff;
  • to set up projects in which an HR specialist is required for a temporary period;
  • to increase the speed of the in-house recruiters' work.

HR outsourcing in IT

In the IT field, HR outsourcing is often irreplaceable. Sooner or later nearly every company needs to hire IT specialists. However, IT recruitment is a separate HR direction, with its own features and specifics. In-house HR specialists do not always have sufficient competence in IT selection.
Recruiting high-level IT specialists requires specific skills. Recruiters should attract additional search channels, know how to communicate with candidates, "read" CV between the lines. Only an experienced IT recruiter can handle the difficulties of staffing IT specialists.

Benefits of HR Outsourcing

HR outsourcing has several advantages:

High competence of HR specialists
It is especially important for the IT sphere. In-house HR specialists do not always know the specifics of IT selection, so they may miss a worthy candidate. Experienced IT recruiters specialize in IT selection. Therefore, many companies resort to HR outsourcing service if they need to find a cool IT specialist.
Cost saving
To keep your own HR department is more expensive than HR outsourcing service. You pay for the project, so you do not need to think about the monthly employees' wages.
When delegating responsibilities, you delegate and risks. The contractor always guarantees the high-quality performance of work, deals with all arisen difficulties.
New services that accelerate HR processes are constantly emerging in the HR sphere. Outsourcing companies specializing in HR follow the latest trends and implement them in their work. Therefore, the result of the work of specially hired HR specialists is many times more effective.
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